Capnometer & EtCO2

  • NEW! Capnograph SMART
  • NEW! Capnograph SMART
  • NEW! Capnograph SMART
  • NEW! Capnograph SMART
NEW! Capnograph SMARTNEW! Capnograph SMARTNEW! Capnograph SMARTNEW! Capnograph SMART

NEW! Capnograph SMART

  • Screen: 1.4 Inch Color TFT
  • Parameter: EtcO2 & Respiration Rate (RR)
  • Origin: China
  • Product description: Capnography End-Tidal (EtCO2) Mainstream

Real-Time Capnograph Portable ETCO2 MAINSTREAM Easy to Use The Same as Masimo Emma


Emergency Ambulance, Operation Room (OR), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Patient Monitor & Anesthesia Machine, Ventilator...etc


* NDIR, the latest technology
* Compatible with IRMA CO2 and most of brands
* Continuous and real-time capnography of EtCO2 values.
* Simple interface for quick set-up and easy to run
* For no breath detected, no adapter, check adapter, and adjustable high and low EtCO2 alarm.
* With two standard AAA lithium batteries.


CO2 Range 0-99 mmHg

0-9.9 kPa


CO2 Accuracy 0 - 40 ±2mmHg

41 - 99 ±6% of reading

0-5.3 ±0.3 kPa

5.4-9.9 ±6% of reading

RR Range 3-150bpm

RR Accuracy ±1 bpm

Display 1.4 inch Color TFT

Parameter EtCO2

Respiration Rate (RR)

Unit Selectable mmHg



Update Period Displayed after 3 breath, updated per breath

Alarm System Audible and visual alarm system

Alarm information Check adatper


Battery Low


ETCO2 High

RR Low

RR High

Battery Type 2 AAA cell Alkaline or Lithium

Battery Life 6 hours (Alkaline)

10 hours (Lithium)

Operating temperature: 0 to 40℃ (32 to 104℉)

Operating atmospheric pressure: 70 to 120 kPa

Operating humidity: 10-95% RH, non-condensing

Storage temperature: -20 to 70℃(-4 to 158℉)

Storage atmospheric pressure: 50-120 kPa

Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.7 x 2inch (44 x 45 x 52mm)

Weight: 2.3oz (66g) (with Alkaline batteries)

Waterproofing grade: IPX33

Data output: Bluetooth(optional)

Warm up time: 15s

Adult Airway Adapter: Dead Space ≤ 6ml

Infant Adult Airway Adapter: Dead Space ≤ 1ml